There’s so much to know about social media and Facebook. Where to begin? Well, as the saying goes, begin at the beginning. Here are the first 10¬†things a small business should do with their Facebook business page.

1) If you don’t already have a business page, you can create one from your personal page. If you don’t already have a personal page, get one and friend the people you know – they are all on Facebook already.
2) Fill out all the information. Make sure your address, website address, contact information and category are all correct. Fill out both the short and long descriptions. (It’s ok, you can copy and paste from your website if you don’t know what to write.)
3) Add your profile and cover photos. Your profile photo should be your logo at 180×180 pixels. Create a cover image of 851×315 pixels that matches your logo, reflects your brand, and informs the public about your company. If you need ideas, check out the Facebook pages of your competitors and brands you admire.
4) Post some content. Industry news is a good place to start. Post a few links with an introduction by you so that when you launch your page it won’t be empty. If you have images of your business or product post a few of those too so that visitors can get a feel for who you are.
5) Share your business page on your personal page. Ask your friends to like it. Once you get 25 likes you can get a custom URL such as Do this as soon as possible.
6) Add some tabs to your page. These can be a contact form, an email opt-in, a mini-website, a contest, feeds from your other social media sites and more. You want your fans to come back to your page and these tabs (or applications) give them a reason to.
7) Follow other pages, including companies you do business with, ones you compete with and ones you admire. You will be able to see what they are posting and which of their posts garner higher engagement as well as keeping tabs on the competition.
8) Create a weekly content plan. You want your posts to appear once or twice a day, but who has time to get on Facebook twice a day? You can actually schedule your whole week out in one session by choosing schedule from the dropdown instead of publish when you write your posts. Make sure you have a variety of post types and that you are not selling, but rather providing content that is informative or entertaining most of the time. Ironically, Facebook can help your sales but not if you sell.
9) Get the Pages app for your smartphone so that you can get notification of activity on your posts – likes, shares, comments. You need to respond to comments promptly. You can also see your analytics on the app so it’s a great tool.
10) Be prepared to spend some money. Facebook is not free for businesses. Only 2% of your fans will see your posts organically, which is why posting frequently and consistently is essential. If you want to increase your reach, you will have to run ads. They can be as little as $5 per day.
So far, so good? Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!